Insurance via Angi's

Making flexible, by-the-job insurance accessible to Angi's Pros with a single touch.


Thimble sells flexible, short-term business insurance for the gig economy, with policies available by the hour, day, or week, up to a full year for growing businesses reaching the next level. Policies can be purchased in seconds via the web or app, with the ability to modify, pause, or cancel instantly whether work slows down or hiring picks up. This innovative product-offering in a truly archaic industry earned Thimble the 1st place spot on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, in the "Small and Mighty" category.

Project Background

In an effort to build low-cost acquisition channels, I worked with our VP of Business Development to create an affiliate program. The initial affiliate program allowed platforms to refer their user base to Thimble using a unique link, offering in-depth funnel reporting from site visit to sign up. Since non-licensed businesses cannot earn rewards or commission for the sale of a policy, we had to incentivize and pay affiliate fees for signups, not purchases. This required intensive monitoring of our signup to purchase rate for the Partnership channel, optimizing both our partnership funnel and the affiliate program as a whole.

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Our customer acquisition cost for the partner channel is 76% less than other paid channels, maintaining a 67% signup to purchase rate.

The Product-Suite for our affiliate program consisted of a series of strategic referral workflows, uniquely selected based on the size of the partner, and the user experience.

Small Partners

For smaller partners with less resourcing, I developed referral links that leverage unique partnership IDs to attribute signups from the partner. These referral links used 30-day lasting cookies to attribute signups from referred users that sign up on a later visit, based on our own internal knowledge of the user journey. The 30 day duration also accounted for users that have been referred from multiple affiliates, given Gig Works looking for short term insurance tend to be platform-needy when looking for work.

Mid-Tier Partners

For mid-tier partners, I developed an embeddable quoting widget for partners to embed within their own experiences. This low-touch widget was accessible via the Affiliate Portal, offering an HTML iFrame, pre-populated with the partners unique partnership ID. All it takes is a simple copy and paste, and partners can launch a fully embedded quoting experience on their platform in minutes.

Enterprise Partners

For enterprise partnerships, I developed the Thimble API. The driving prioritization for this more intensive form of referrals was our opportunity with Angi's. Angi's wanted to offer short-term insurance to contractors as they booked jobs in the Angi's App. I worked closely with Angi's technology team to identify the required underwriting criteria they collect natively for contractors when booking a job, and the desired Angi's experience. We settled on an API that collected all of Angi's contractor information, and setting default values based on profession in order to provide real-time quotes before engaging with Thimble. The Thimble API provided quotes for 1-hour, 1-day, and 1-week, which were displayed accordingly on the Angi's booking experience.

I acted as the point-of-contact for all of our larger partnerships to assist external teams during the integration process, coordinate with marketing teams for launch, and develop our program as tech-heavy requests came in. Some of our most successful partnerships are:

  • Angi (formerly Angie's List)- API integration for service providers to buy insurance by-the-project
  • Peerspace- In-funnel placement for photographers to purchase insurance immediately after booking a venue
  • Homeadvisor- Quarterly placements in newsfeeds and newsletters
  • NPP- Integration for logged-in members to purchase insurance


We always recommend that consumers verify that any pro they hire has active general liability insurance. We’re partnering with Thimble so that businesses who use Angie’s List have access to insurance that fits their needs, immediately, so they can complete more jobs and grow their business.

- Jeremy Stewart, President of Angi (API Partner)

Partners are paid for a referral at signup (account creation) because unlicensed agents cannot be paid for the sale of a policy. Because of that, we had to closely monitor and optimize the signup to purchase rate. The overall rate is 67%, much higher than our other channels which average at about 47%

We partnered with Peerspace, a platform to book venues for events, photoshoots, etc to offer insurance to the users renting the space. Our placement is the first step after confirming a booking.