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I’m a New York based Product Manager developing and growing early-stage Products, with a past life in Product Design.

Over 8 years experience developing Web, App, and API based Products.

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Right now I run the Product team at Herald, a Unified API to connect to 50+ Insurance Carriers. As Director of Product, I manage a team of 3 Product Managers owning our API Product and Developer Experience.

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My pride and joy- I’ve brought 5 Platforms to life from ideation to launch to growth. I’ve developed E-commerce experiences, SaaS Products, and Acquisition Channels.

At Thimble, I developed and owned 2 strategic platforms aimed at Customer Acquisition: The Thimble Broker Portal and the Thimble Certificate Manager. The latter half of my time at Thimble was spent optimizing our D2C e-commerce funnel and post purchase experience.

Our core product at Herald is our API, but I've emphasized our Developer Experience through the Developer Portal.

I've owned multiple products through the growth stage, optimizing for metrics that matter through data driven decisions.

I've developed and executed growth strategies optimizing for End-to-End Funnel Conversion, CAC, Average Order Value, 2-Year Lifetime Value, and Retention.

Thimble's initial product was short-term insurance, with policies starting at $5 for an hour. Over time, Thimble expanded into annual policies with a robust suite of coverages, drastically changing our target audience and cost. Throughout this expansion, I ran 50+ experiments in our Web and App experience to find the optimal blend of Conversion and Average Order Value.

I've developed the growth of a Web and App based product, guiding customers from Web to App to create stickier customers through an engaging experience.

Thimble direct-to-consumer insurance experience all started with an app. As we migrated to the web to acquire first time users, a consistent focus was driving existing customers to the App for upsells and retention.

I've flexed my technical skills leading Product at Herald- a unified API product creating the industry standard for insurance via API.

Herald's API connects you to 60+ of the worlds top insurance carriers to quote and bind insurance through a single API. We've defined a standardized model for the industry across multiple lines of business.

The API is supported by comprehensive documentation, including interactive API demos, postman collections, and step-by-step integration guides.

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New York, NY

March 2022 - Now

Director of Product


3 yrs, 6 mos

New York, NY

April 2023 - Acquired by Arch Insurance

March 2021 - March 2022

Director of Product

April 2019 - March 2021

Product Manager

September 2018 - April 2019

Product Designer


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